Where the problem comes from:

Perspiration from strenuous activity allows bacteria to develop deep within sports equipment. The result is potentially dangerous contact with the athlete’s skin, and the familiar odours associated with hockey, football, and other sports equipment. There is a risk of lost playing time if open sores should become infected by bacteria in the equipment.

The Solution…..

Canadian university researchers developed the Sani Sports equipment sanitizing system. The system was designed to destroy the bacteria in sports equipment, recognizing that if you can destroy the bacteria, the odours will be eliminated. Introduced in 2002, there are currently 27 NHL teams and 15 NFL teams that use the Sani Sport system.

The Way It Works…..

Four high-intensity UV lights convert Oxygen into Ozone. The ozone is then circulated throughout the equipment by two complimenting fans for twelve minutes, killing up to 96% of the bacteria present. A patented Ecomist solution, containing natural Tea Tree Oil, is then fogged deep into the equipment to attack the remaining bacteria. The final step is to seal the process with a scented bactericide creating a protective shield on the equipment.

What You Need to Know…..

This is not another fragrance or scented cover-up, but a scientific, biological process designed to eliminate bacteria and the resulting odors from sports equipment. The residual ozone left in the equipment has a scent that is slightly medicinal, but not unpleasant.

The Sani Sport takes approximately 15 minutes in processing time, and will be performed on a first come, first serve basis. Equipment is ready to use immediately upon completion of the process.

There is no way to determine how long the treatment will last with each individual. Factors such as amount of equipment use and individual perspiration will determine the frequency with which you need to sanitize. Skates and gloves are more difficult to treat. Players will still need to air dry their equipment after it is used to extend the effectiveness of the Sani Sport process.






Sani Sport Central


  • Single Player Hockey Gear – $30
  • Coaches Bag – $15
  • Single Goalie Gear – $40
  • Football Gear – $25

Bring in a minor hockey players bag and one more from the family and get them both sanitized and freshened for $50 (Savings of $10).

Punch Cards

  • Buy 4 cleanings and get the 5th free.
  • Hockey player: regular $150 card price $120 
  • Football: regular is $125, card price is $100

Got more than 10 bags? Want to set up a sanitation schedule for your team?  Call for details. Bags must be dropped off at the same time for discount to apply.


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Rip Simonick – Head Equipment Manager, Buffalo Sabres

“The machine has been extremely helpful in terms of protecting our players from injuries. We also find that the equipment itself lasts longer and is in better condition because of the Sani Sport Treatment.”