2017 Summer Camps are online and ready for your registration! Confirm your spot today!

Our Vision: For every player to have the opportunity to participate, develop and achieve success in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.  

About Us: Tim Green Hockey Development is designed to provide hockey players of all ages the proper instruction and mentorship necessary to take their game to a higher level. Proper technique evaluation and the practice of good habits will enable players to have a more positive experience as they continue their journey in enjoying the game of hockey. Tim Green Hockey recognizes that hockey is an invaluable part of our culture because it teaches simple principles that can be applied in everyday life.

Tim Green, Owner and Director, has the required tools to get the most out of each and every player he works with in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Our variation of skill camps throughout the winter and into the summer gives plenty of opportunity for all ages to improve in multiple areas of the game.

Tim Green Hockey Summer Hockey Camps 2017

Week 1 August 1st – 5th (Tuesday – Saturday)

Initiation Skills and Games. $220.00

Novice Skill Development & 3v3. $385.00

Atom Skill Development & 3v3. $385.00

Peewee Skill Development & 3v3. $385.00

Bantam Skill Development & 3v3. $385.00

Midget/Jr. Elite Prep Camp. $160.00

Week 2 August 7th – 11th (Monday – Friday)
* Sign up one child for 2 camps for $350.00 (Excluding Midget/Junior)

Novice Power Skating. $209.00

Novice Super Skills & Small Area Games. $209.00

Atom Power Skating. $209.00

Atom Super Skills & Small Area Games. $209.00

Peewee Power Skating. $209.00

Peewee Super Skills & Small Area Games. $209.00

Bantam Body Contact. $209.00

Bantam Super Skills & Small Area Games. $209.00

Midget/Jr. Elite Prep Camp. $160.00